Fertility boosting programme - Infertility treatment

My infertility programme is bespoke to each individual and couple as I take the time to truly understand the issues and help you keep moving forward on your fertility journey, by reconnecting with your body and navigating the emotional ups and downs with resilience. 

My approach is science-based, holistic and sensitive.

Is this programme

for me? 

  • Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while?

  • Are you under 35 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months?

  • Are you over 35 and struggling? 

  • Are you about to have IVF and want help making sure it’s successful? 


If any of this speaks to you, then I invite you to contact me, we will schedule an appointment or use online technology to speak.

To make sure you get the most of the initial consultation, please prepare all medical papers that you have from previous examinations. We will make sure that we find the real reason why you’re struggling to conceive and help fix it in a short time with our fertility boosting programmes.

If you feel you would like more of an intensive  approach to boosting your  fertility, I would recommend my Wake Up Fertility Course that spans 8-weeks of on-hand coaching in a virtual group environment full of supportive couples. 

Discover more about this course here 

Bespoke Fertility Programme

I work with you to discover the blockages preventing you and your partner from conceiving and falling pregnant. It's different for everyone, and that's why I take a bespoke approach with all my couples. 

After the initial tests, and discovering those blockages, I create a bespoke fertility programme for you and your partner to follow to help dramatically boost your fertility. The programme may include: 


  • Introduction and trust building 

  • Diagnosis, understanding why not pregnant yet

  • Bespoke Fertility diet (a combination of supplements, Chinese herbs and nutrition)

  • Introduction to fertility self massage and acupressure

  • Micronutrients plan 

  • Finding the right IVF clinic that is financially and mentally suitable

Once I have discovered the root of the problem, I will create this bespoke fertility programme for you and your partner to follow when you are ready. 

Cost: €450 (one time cost) 

Email lovefertilitycoaching@gmail.com for further information. 

Body - MindSet

Natural Fertility Programme

Yoga at Home

Hormone Balancing 


Preparing the body for pregnancy is key, as is helping the body recover post-birth. 

The solution to this is balancing your hormones. I prepare the necessary medical tests to discover the imbalances and prepare the solution to balance your body pre & post conception. 

Having balanced hormones increases your chances of pregnancy. 

Cost: €50 (each) 

Email lovefertilitycoaching@gmail.com for further information.