Top 10 Fertility Foods to help you fall pregnant

Trying to conceive? Add these good-for-you foods to your diet.

Diet is important. Not only for women who struggle with fertility, but for those who are trying to conceive. Adjusting your diet to include fertility boosting foods can help you fall pregnant faster than you first thought.

Here I’ve made a list of the foods you should consider adding to your diet if you’re trying to conceive (or you’d just like to be a little healthier, If you have any questions feel free to contact me on


🍍Eat pineapple during the second part of your cycle

The bromelain in pineapples helps with the implantation of the embryo, increasing the likelihood of you getting pregnant. ⁠


Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fat can boost the rate of implantation. They really are the superfood of fertility boosting!


Not only are oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruit one of the best sources of Vitamin C, they’re also packed with potassium, calcium and folate—a B Vitamin that can help you get pregnant by regulating ovulation and creating a healthy environment for eggs.

Trying eating a large orange, or three clementine's a day.


Eating dark green veggies like spinach, kale and Swiss chard is one of the best ways to take in essential prenatal nutrients like calcium, iron and folate. These nutrients can make sure your pregnancy is a healthy one, making sure things go smoothly during those very early stages, so leafy greens are key when trying to conceive.


Blueberries and raspberries are loaded with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which help boost both female and male fertility. They’re also high in folate and Vitamin C, and aim to consume at least one cup a day. They can be a healthy snack, or add a little colour to your morning breakfast.


Not only does full-fat Greek Yogurt contain more calcium than milk, it’s packed full of probiotics and two to three times more protein than a cup of regular yogurt. It’s also a good source of vitamin D, which helps the follicles in your ovaries mature.


Organic eggs are packed with a high concentrate of vitamins and minerals, along with amino acids like choline, which improves follicle quality. You can find Vitamins A, B5, B12, B2 and D plus selenium, zinc, choline, calcium and folate in the yolk too! That’s where most of the good stuff is.


My favourite seeds for fertility boosting are Flax (linseeds), Sunflower seeds and Sesame.

Flax seeds are an incredible source of Omega 3. In terms of fertility, flax seeds contain a rich source of alpha linolenic acid which helps increase a healthy blood flow to the reproductive organs which is vital to conceiving.

Sunflower and sesame seeds are a key superfood for women with PCOS and Endometriosis fertility issues. The seeds contain an anti-inflammatory (selenium and Vit E), an effective antioxidant.


Wild Salmon, a fatty fish that is one of the best sources of omega-3 and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is really important for fetal brain and eye development, so it’s a good nutrient to load up on before getting pregnant. But keep in mind that it may have some levels of mercury so best to keep your intake of salmon to one small portion per week.


One for women on vegetarian or plant-based diets. Lentils and beans are high in fiber and Vitamin B, and are also a good source of folate and iron. If you choose a canned variety, check that it’s free of BPA, a chemical that can negatively affect your estrogen levels. Aim for at least two meals per day that include a single portion of beans or lentils.

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