Sometimes the road to pregnancy isn’t as easy as one expects. In this world we live in, there are so many external factors that can affect our fertility. When you’re trying to conceive, there are a lot of everyday activities to think twice about, including cleaning your house. The products we use can affect our fertility, and it’s important to consider natural cleaning products to help boost your fertility.

Toxins and chemicals which can wreak havoc on fertility (making our hormones unbalanced and estrogen to over produce), they can also affect the healthy development of a fetus. That means that what you do, what you touch and what you breathe in while pregnant matters. Potentially toxic substances that get into your blood circulation by swallowing, inhalation or absorption from the skin may cross this fine placental barrier to the fetus...with this in mind, I’ve taken the decision to curate a selection of products I trust and recommend to the ladies I coach.

Here are the five products you should be using to clean your home, to boost your fertility naturally and to continue using whilst pregnant. They’re all free of toxins, and parabens.

Faberlic concentrated universal cleaner for kitchen surfaces - €4.50 500ml

For all kitchen surfaces. Effectively removes grease and dirt from washable surfaces including plastic and natural. Effective against peculiar kitchen food and smells. Recommended for cleaning microwaves and fridges.

Concentrated washing bio-powder €14.50 800g

Effective against stains, common dirt and odors. Softens the fabric and perfectly protects the fibers. Approved by the European Association of ASTHMA ALLERGY NORDIC. 0% artificial fragrances, chlorine, dyes or acids.

Herbal Mix concentrated washing up gel - €700 500ml

Anti-plaque bio-formula easily removes stains leaving dishes sparkling. Breaks down grease, dried dirt and can be used for soaking dishes too. 0% artificial fragrances, chlorine, dyes or acids.

Citrus Mix concentrated universal bio cleaner - €7.00 500ml

Recommended for cleaning floors, walls, countertops, plastic, tiles, kitchens, and bathrooms. Easily removes dirt, dust, grease and limescale. Approved for sensitive skin, acid free. 0% artificial fragrances, chlorine, dyes or acids.

Coniferous Mix - Multifunctional toilet cleansing gel €7.00 500ml

Easy cleaning of limescale, and rust from toilet surfaces. Natural essential oils give a feeling of freshness and a lovely scent. The super effective formula completely breaks down limescale and rust. 0% artificial fragrances, chlorine, dyes or acids.

The products are natural and come in 100% recyclable bottles, so not only are they good for you, but also the environment. If you’re interested in purchasing the products, or would like to look at the catalog, email me on and we can decide which natural cleaning products you need to help boost your fertility for natural conception.

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