A fertility boosting herbal miracle: vitex agnus-castus fruit

The vitex agnus-castus fruit is an unknown but powerful natural fertility booster. The fruit can also be known as chaste-berry or monk’s pepper produced by the chaste tree.

This miracle fruit is recommended to women for their health for a multitude of reasons; mainly to balance hormones and help treat long-term infertility issues.

For women over 35, known as a time women's body clocks begin to tick by, the metabolism starts to decrease. Our bodies begin to lose micro-nutrients rapidly, and these micro-nutrients are essential to keep our thyroid levels and hormone levels balanced.

Decreasing levels of hormones begins to affect a women's fertility rate. Most doctors will give you artificial hormones to balance your levels, but sometimes this doesn’t work the way we’d hope. It can, at times, have the opposite effect and our hormones end up being more imbalanced.

‘Don’t let hormones many you, let you manage your hormones’

One of the miracle foods that can help is the vitex angus-castus fruit. This magical fruit can help increase your fertility even in your 40s. This fruit can bring back your regular monthly cycle and begin ovulating regularly, whilst reducing signs of PMS!

Research states that this fruit decreases the levels of prolactin, helping to re-balance other hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months, and you’re over 35 years old you should consider taking 150-250mg of vitex angus-castus each day for 3 months.

If you’d like further advice on how to adapt your diet, or what extra nutrients you need to boost your fertility either have a look at the fertility coach packages I offer, or email me directly at

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