Eating Disorder & Conceiving

Infertility is a common side effect of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or any other type of obsessive or compulsive eating pattern.

Research has been done of women who seek to have unexplained fertility treatment, showing that 20% of them have eating disorder and 15% didn't admit to it and hid it during the fertility treatment.

What is the connection between unexplained fertility and eating disorder?


Anorexia can cause unhealthy weight, poor nutrition and low body fat. A woman's endocrine system needs fat for growth of hormones for reproduction. Hormones are not balanced, no period, no ovulation leads to infertility.


With bulimia it is even more difficult to find it in patients as they usually hide it. They can have a healthy weight, normal periods, ovulation but they cannot conceive because the body is missing important nutrients, micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Usually what is missing is Vitamin D, iron and there is since a long time thyroid issues.

Eating disorders are dangerous to our lives and we should find psychological support if you retrying to conceive, to help you to manage your feelings and behaviour.

After you receive mental support, you can contact a fertility coach to get a special fertility boosting program to improve your health and general well-being.

It is a difficult journey but you can do it! If you make it your wish to have a baby.

Our motto: Mind is strong, the body follows

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