Fertility Diets

Why we should not underestimate fertility diets before conceiving or undergoing IVF.

Our body is living only from the nutrition we eat and the lifestyle we live, from that you can actually tell in what condition you are.

If you eat a healthy balanced dieting the right supplements and doing sport 3-4 weeks, you can feel good in your body and in your mind. You understand your body and hormones are playing in a positive way.


If you struggle with your daily diet, you eat too much sugar, carbs and unhealthy fats you are likely to enjoy a life of excess amount of alcohol and sport, then you will definitely not feel balanced in your body and mind.

Your unbalanced hormones will give you a hard time to understand what is going on in your body or why you are not pregnant yet or why you already had two miscarriages. If these are questions that arise in your mind then look at your lifestyle and diet. You will then understand the reason behind your fertility issues.


There are also couples who follow fertility diets, they have good lifestyle changes but still cannot get pregnant. Those couples need to work on the mental side infertility.

Blocked mind, wrong mindset, negativity needs to be treated with the right meditation, fertility yoga, mental coach.

If you do not open your mind your body will not follow (even if you are super healthy!)

The body and you will end up infertile.

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