Fertility Yoga

Is it worth starting fertility yoga if you would like to get pregnant? Yes!

Fertility yoga has a holistic approach and is so powerful if you add to it a fertility diet program.

If you start fertility yoga will it improve the quality of my eggs?

No & Yes...


If you have a medicinal issue such as an imbalance of hormones or PCOS or Endometriosis you first need to have a proper treatment, then add yoga.


If you are undergoing fertility programs, diets and IVF then the combination of medical and holistic brings 100% results.

Fertility yoga is good for our body, organs and mind.

The mind is strong and without good mindset, we will never achieve results. Fertility yoga helps you increase circulation in your body and of your eggs and endometrium. If you get better blood volume (blood flow) and blood viscosity (plasma) you get better quality of eggs and endometrium.

What fertility yoga does is it works your muscles, gets you flexible and your mind gets a piece of meditation.

If you would like to try fertility yoga (personally or via online lessons) please contact me

Fertility yoga nourishes your organs
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