Gratitude. How can it help you conceive?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and in return show kindness. It’s showing appreciation for what you have and what you are working towards. But how can this feeling of gratitude help you conceive?

In today’s world, most of us forget to be grateful. We’re constantly striving for more, and when we don’t quite reach our goals, or the road is longer than expected we become frustrated, even angry at ourselves...and others.

You become stressed, unhappy and impatient. These feelings can build up within you causing a great strain on your mind, body and your life.

But, as you come to terms with these feelings and begin to work towards changing your mentality towards life, you’ll experience a switch towards positivity. When you think positively, it attracts positivity in all aspects of your life.

How to begin your journey towards gratitude:

Each and every morning take the time to appreciate your health, your life, your talents, your work and be thankful for those happy moments you have shared with others.

When the day ends, before going to sleep, repeat to yourself all those things, moments and people you’re thankful for. Doing so will send rushes of gratitude through your body, setting your mind up ready for the next day, and in turn your body will listen too.

If you’re having problems conceiving; you’ve been told your infertile, PCOs, or you have Endometriosis, it’s normal to feel down and/ or negative towards life. You may feel the world is against you, and wonder why this is happening...but these negative thoughts will have a negative affect on your body.

Changing your mindset towards a more positive feeling, towards gratitude, can have a great affect on your body.

To help you towards these positive feelings, write down daily, positive affirmations and read them to yourself until you start to believe them and you begin to believe in yourself. You’ll feel a rush of positivity flow through your body and you’ll begin to experience change.

Gratitude helps you feel more positive, relish in that feeling. Manifest those good moments. Those good endorphins you’ll feel will not only improve your mental health, but also your physical health.

Set your mind to feel grateful for everything around you. Spend time mediating and visualising happiness to move your mind towards gratitude.

A positive mind can help toward conceiving naturally, as your body no longer harbors negativity and is more open to welcoming change.

If you’d like to learn more about changing your mindset, feel free to email me, Marketa on Let’s work positively together towards your goal of conceiving, despite the setbacks.

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