How to Find the Best Fertility Clinic

Speaking of the best, part of choosing a fertility clinic is personal and subjective. The best clinic for your friend may not be the best for you.

Choosing an IVF clinic is a personal, intimate and emotional decision. Do not take the first one that you find. Take the time to find out more about the quality of the clinic, such as:

  1. Where it is located - close to airport, calm surrounding, easy access. These points are important.

  2. Laboratory equipment

  3. Well-educated embryologists

  4. General clinic staff /nurses, administration, manager, coordinator, director: find out more how long they have been working with the clinic so that you can make an overall picture of how well or unwell the clinic is being run. Are staff overall pleasant? Are they answering all our questions? Are they helpful enough over the phone? Are they open 24/7?

Do they propose special services beyond basic fertility treatments like, fertility coaching (preparation programs for successful IVF cycle).

  • Acupuncture

  • Mind/body workshops

An important point is the success rate of the clinic. Look at the following:

  • Live birth rates of different ages

  • Pregnancy statistics

  • Miscarriage statistics

  • Multiple pregnancy statistics

How much do different treatments cost at IVF and if they provide all extra treatments like:

  • Natural IVF

  • Mild stimulation IVF

  • IVI - Intrauterine Insemination

  • IVF - Intro Fertilisation

  • ICSI ) Intracytoplasmic Injection

  • Embryo DNA Screening

  • Surgical Sperm Extraction

  • Surgeries to include blocked endometriosis, fibroids

  • Different types of surgical sperm extraction

  • PESA - TESA - TESE - Micro TESE

  • Surrogacy

  • Donor Eggs / Donor Sperm

If you visit a clinic you have to feel comfortable with the environment, staff and you have to feel trust to your doctor, that they will do their best for you to get pregnant and not because they are happy to receive payment.

If you need help with choosing an IVF clinic, I can help you to advise you. I have been working for many years with clinics in Czech Republic - the most qualitative clinics in Europe with high services, modern laboratories, equipment and most importantly, high success rates of the clinics as they are working with the heart and the likelihood to see all patients pregnant is high.

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