Introduction to Marketa Häkkinen of Love Fertility Coaching

My Company: Love Fertility Coaching.

My Patients: Fertility and all surrounding women's health.

My Niche: Infertility, supplements and Chinese herbs specialisation, nutrition programs to boost fertility.

My Marketing Message: "Infertility is a rollercoaster, if you need me; I am here to hold your hand"

"Stop your frustration, open your mind, open your heart, and let's work together to make your journey succeed."

Who am I marketing to: "Women with infertility issues, unexplained infertility diagnosis, pre-conception care.

Marketing Why: Because I love pregnancies, I love helping women to the small miracles(babies). I love all around motherhood to be, love to feel important in this planet. I love to give back my helpful experienced I love to see people happy!!!

Marketing How: I have my own studies, my own surveys gained from all the experience and knowledge that I have, I tried testing the programs on myself and my friends, who were struggling with unexplained infertility and after the programs, we all got pregnant! That is the power, the happiness I got to help others and not stress from infertility.

Our bodies are unique and if there is only a small part that is missing, some may not conceive. My goal is to make sure that the body receives all it needs to conceive!

Marketing What: I would like to market my own infertility programs, which are adjusted to certain medical issues. Understand the mental, physical body of each woman that I help.

Marketing Free Gift: Each month I will offer a set of Chinese herbs to target specific medical problems.

To discuss your situation, please email me at

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