Iron Anaemia - Important Considerations

Iron is an important mineral that we need to have enough to get enough oxygen in our blood and if our blood is not rich enough then our body will never allow to conceive.

We have two types of iron:

  • Easily absorbed "heme iron" that comes from animal sources (meat, poultry and fish)

  • Not easily absorbed "non heme iron" that comes from plant sources

Many women, including myself, don't like to eat meat and that is difficult as from plant sources you can never reach the 27mg/day amount that the body needs to be able to conceive and some of us need slightly more as periods could be heavy and we loose a lot of iron.

Experts recommend iron supplements to every woman so as to boost fertility. Because when you get pregnant you need double portion of iron and if the body is missing it, that is when miscarriages can start, or later on in pregnancy, preterm birth, low birth weight and baby has high risk of being anaemic.

If you suffer from an ovulation, bad quality eggs, pale skin or tiredness then check your iron levels and reserves of iron 'ferritin.'

To improve the absorption of iron you take a supplement with vitamin C. Take the iron supplement separately one hour before you take the vitamins.

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