IVF Clinic - Fertility Clinic

We are lucky that fertility clinics exist as otherwise our population would be so low as fertility generally becomes challenging for every couple now on the planet.

In the past, infertility was only because of woman issues but no-one coud say that as man infertility is same high like women. The figures are 35% women and 35% male infertility globally.

IVF treatment is the artificial insemination (IUI) in vitro fertilisation (IVF), egg donor and sperm donor.

All the treatments are medically followed with assisted reproductive technology.

IVF For Women

IVF treatment can help women a lot like PCOS, Endometriosis, unexplained infertility, hormone imbalance. All these treatments are leads with high dosage of hormones to achieve over stimulation of ovaries and to get higher number of female eggs.

Did you Know?

  • If you follow a fertility diet 120 days you get the best quality eggs for fertilisation.

  • If your partner follows a fertility diet for 90 days then his sperm account and mobility can improve by 100%?!

  • If you get best quality eggs and best quality sperm then the result is the best quality embryo (5 days Blastocyst) and your chance to get pregnant is really high.

  • IVF treatment is financially demanding and for couples it would be really needed if they see the big potential to hire a fertility coach, because a fertility coach can save you money and stressful time.

If you follow fertility diets (every fertility coach has their own approach) then you will be on the right track to prevent failed IVF cycles and stops you from paying a lot of money for every new IVF cycle needed.

If you choose an IVF clinic, be careful. Take the time to find reviews from couples who have already been treated there. Or take advice from a fertility coach.

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