IVF: The Power of Affirmations

“Affirmations are powerful tools for your mind, using your thoughts to stay calm and focused to achieve success”

Using Affirmations when struggling with infertility, or going through IVF can help you keep positive. Which is important, as positivity can waver when struggling to fall pregnant.

It’s important to nurture, and influence our mind and spirit with positive words, positive thinking and a positive attitude. Doing so can help improve your IVF outcome and manage any stress, or anxiety through the IVF process.

Through the practice of Affirmations, we can manage and change our thoughts to benefit, empower and help through the challenging life experience of infertility and IVF.

Practicing positive Affirmations can help:

  • Release fear

  • Release anxiety

  • Encourage positivity

Here is how to practice positive Affirmations:

  • Find a place you feel calm and comfortable

  • Sit down and slowly calm your breath

  • Repeat three positive affirmations to yourself - if you’re struggling with what to say, you can use Pinterest for inspiration. By searching Affirmations on the platform, you can find many sayings and quotes to repeat to yourself. This could be a good place to start.

  • Take a deep breath and exhale

  • Keep your thoughts in your mind still for three minutes

  • Keep repeating the affirmations each morning and evening.

If you follow the steps above, and introduce this method into your daily routine you’ll begin to see results in a few days in terms of you feeling more positive and energetic.

Positive mind results in a healthy body.

Congratulations, you’re half way on your journey to positivity and IVF success.

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