How to Calm Down When Conceiving

Meditation is not just a word, it is a powerful mindset tool to our inner well-being. There are a variety of physical and emotional stresses we go through when trying to get pregnant.

A lot during this time we find that we are unable to relax, we cannot focus. Concentration reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure and with stress, we have complete deficiency in finding our inner peace of mind.

What can we do? Meditation!

Many people underestimate meditation. They think that it is only something that someone made up to be important, but it is so wrong.

Already in the past centuries, they understood the power of a calm mind, and it was the only tool to prevent illnesses and deal with difficult lifestyles.

When we conceive, we have a high expectation on ourselves, we try to do everything right, we think a lot about every move we do and with so much daily stress, we block our minds from being well.

With that, hormones start to sink, our antioxidants start to burn out and we fill ourselves with anxiety and depression.

To prevent this, we only need to do so little.

Everyday, twice a day, take 15 minutes to sit down and close your eyes, be calm, breathe and concentrate.

Just with the use of our breathing and our own heartbeat, we can remove all the stresses out of our minds, all the barriers that keep you from feeling free in your mindset.

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