Men's Infertility

In the past men's infertility was taboo. A man was always the "hero" of fertility and the 'God' of reproduction.

When couples had issues to conceive, automatically it was always considered the woman's infertility problem. It was never a man's problem.

Thank God!

With time, our reproductive medicine changed the rules and what came out of it?

Men's infertility is 40% and is due to:

  • Poor motility of the sperm

  • Sperm abnormalities

  • Wrong shape (morphology)

  • Sterile

A man's infertility grows with time as it is increased due to falling into the wrong lifestyle and influences.

Thank God Again!

With a healthy fertility diet, a man can change his status from infertile to fertile.

If a couple is trying to conceive, they need to plan intercourse before ovulation or ovulation time as the sperm needs 72 hours to fully develop to be able to fertilise eggs. That said, this means intercourse every three days during the fertile days of a woman.

Men are lucky human beings as they are fertile all their life. New sperm is produced continuously during their lives. Unfortunately women are born with only limited eggs and during our life we do not produce any new eggs, so we have to take care of our eggs from our puberty until the menopause, when our eggs are used up.

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