How vitamins and minerals influence fertility

In today's world we cannot live a healthy lifestyle without supplements as our environment and our nature does not allow to give us all that the human body needs in terms of nutrients.

Even when we have our own garden with completely bio fruit and vegetables, our stressful lifestyle burns our nutrients mega fast and does not give us enough to save our cells.

We come to a point where free radicals will win the race and that is when we get sick, tired, frustrated, depressed and ultimately, infertile.

There are many studies out there concerning supplements intake and seriously, everybody is different, every person has different metabolisms.

Only we know how healthy or unhealthily we live, how stressed we are.

On the other hand, in our modern day and age, most of the nutrition we get is from supermarkets. Beautifully shaped and shiny fruits and vegetables that look healthy but unfortunately, on the inside, it is not the case and not enough to survive.

The treatment against micas, bacteria and insects are influencing the micronutrients contained in fruit and vegetables. Pesticides are the biggest warriors against human health.

For a healthy lifestyle and to protect our cells, we need to intake vitamins and minerals to keep our energy, nervous system, bones, hormones, thyroid and general fertility imbalance and active.

The combination of healthy nutrition and supplements keeps us preventing illness, infertility, ageing and collapse.

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