PCOS - Polycyctic Ovaries

PCOC known as Polycyctic Ovaries is a hormonal disorder of male hormone production, excess androgen, testosterone that prevents the ovaries from producing female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) to making the eggs develop normally.

In this situation you are missing your period and you are missing your ovulation so that means infertility!


There is a solution on how to beat the PCOS and get pregnant. It is a long journey but what would we not do for our health and desire to becoming a mother!


Most patients with PCOS have no healthy lifestyle and only a low percentage is genetic.

So if you would like to get better and get pregnant you have to change your nutrition, gentle exercise and you have to take a lot of boosting fertility supplements.

The most powerful are Chinese herbs and hormonal treatment. Alone it is difficult to achieve positive results.

It is always better to hire a fertility coach to create a proper program, which can suit only you, tailored around your needs and be a guide and support to you during the duration of the whole program, that lasts between 3-6 months.

If you follow your heart with the right mindset and strength you will get there and after you will be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby!

I can be with you in this difficult journey and I can support you and hold your hand, to help you on with your biggest, wish: pregnancy!

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