Pre-Conception Care

General knowledge of preconception care is very low. Research shows that the population between 18-25 years old have only 5% knowledge concerning proper pre-conceptive care.

In our schools we are taught Biology about the human body but there is a deeper study to teach more on the subject of how special us girls are. That we are born with millions of eggs and during our lifetime we do not create more eggs, and all our lifestyle is signed in our eggs.

We need to build more awareness of our lifestyle (nutrition, supplements, herbs, sexual behaviour, anti conception).

Our gynaecologists are overwhelmed with the large amount of patients. They have massive offices but not the time to explain and give more in depth knowledge to patients.

It would definitely be very useful if every gynaecologist would work together with a fertility coach. That way automatically the patients would be sufficiently informed with all the information that they would need regarding pre-conceptive care and general lifestyle healthcare.

This would definitely bring all the reproductive departments to the next level of saving many premature babies lives, lower the percentage of still births and the amount of abnormal pregnancies.

Financially, this would even not mean an increase of spend by the government, but on the contrary would be a cost saving exercise in the neontological department.

Why? Because less premature babies would be born. That way, they could financially support hospitals and clinics to afford fertility coaches.

What would be definitely positive would be saving the lives of many premature babies!

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