Psychological Stress During Infertility Treatments

Stress, depression and anxiety associated with infertility

Couples who are undergoing infertility treatments, or who are trying to conceive longer than eight months start to show high levels of distress.

The woman's position in an infertile couple is most important, and if a woman cannot get pregnant, she starts to have a self-sabotage feeling. She feels ashamed, guilty and that influences the entire nervous system and starts influencing the hormones levels. Cortisones is high and hormones begin to imbalance.

If a woman does not have the support from her partner, friends or family, then depression can start.

Every woman should have a mental, psychological professional to talk to, let the feelings and guilt out to feel free from the frustration and at to be at peace.

Even fertility coaches are trained to be support where needed for the mental support.

It is important to tackle the psychological nervous strain during infertility treatments with the right supplements and nutrients to support the nervous system along with exercise, like yoga, pilates. Also important is to learn meditation with visualisation.

If we follow our hearts and don't give up then the mind will follow and then you win!

You will beat infertility!

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