The Powers of Cinnamon for boosting fertility

It’s time to talk about the powerful spice that is cinnamon. In this blog, I discuss how cinnamon can help boost fertility, help women with unexplained infertility and the importance of consuming the right amount.

‘True Ceylon Cinnamon’ is the only one type of cinnamon that has healing powers. It’s powerful, and can help boost fertility, especially for those with PCOS and Endometriosis.

True Ceylon Cinnamon can help:

  • Women who have irregular periods or a lack of due to endome, PCOS, hormonal imbalances etc.

  • Ease mood swings

  • Reduce PMS

  • Reduce overproduction of insulin caused by blood sugar imbalance.

  • Painful periods

  • Warm up a ‘cold uterus’

There are several ways you can use cinnamon in your everyday life to help ease any of the above and improve your fertility.

  • Add cinnamon to a massage oil and ask your partner to massage you, especially focusing on the reproductive organs

  • Add cinnamon to your tea

  • Dust cinnamon over your meals (if the taste notes work with what you’re about to eat)

Cinnamon Oil for your reproductive organs:

Mix one tablespoon into 500ml of massage oil (do not use all of this in one go, it’s there to be used consistently)

Use a massage roller and massage the oil around your reproductive organs (just below the belly button and just above the groin)

How much Cinnamon powder should I consume a day?

I recommend consuming/using 1 tablespoon each day (pop into a hot drink, or sprinkle over your food).

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