What is fertility yoga?

Do you know the benefits of fertility yoga? When people think of yoga, they tend to consider the well-known benefits such as flexibility, agility, losing weight and toning their bodies…

Yoga can do so much more. Due to the nature of yoga practice, working both the mind and body, you achieve many health benefits - including a boost to your general health, fertility and reproductive organs.

But, how?

Well, by working through the yoga poses (asanas), you help to increase the energy flowing through your body which improves the function of the endocrine and reproductive system whilst maintaining homeostasis. In yoga, there are specific poses for fertility, which support the endocrine system thus balancing your hormones.

  • Fertility yoga brings peace and vitality when you’re trying to conceive or prepare for your IVF journey

  • Feritlity yoga helps to unblock your mind. Release the hidden fears, anxiety and general pre-conception stress

  • Practicing fertility yoga helps reset your endocrine system, and balance hormone levels

  • It helps the thyroids to function properly - balancing TH3, T3, T4.

  • Yoga increases circulation around the body. Better circulation can help the reproductive organs due to the increase in oxygen. The increase of oxygen within these vital organs can in turn increase the quality of eggs and uterus lining.

  • Most importantly, fetility yoga is safe during pregnancy. It helps you remain balanced and prepare you for a non-problamatic labour.

Practicing is important for our general health and wellbeing when trying to fall pregnant, but so is a well balanced diet.

To increase the chances of conception, I advise you to combine yoga practice with a diet full of the nutrients you need to help boost fertility (for both the man and the woman).

For couples under-going IVF, it has been proven that a fertility diet and fertility yoga can double your chances of a successful outcome from the treatment.

If you need any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. I provide both online, and in-person sessions. Marketa on

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