What to do When You are Pregnant?

After the rollercoaster of emotions trying to conceive, finally you find on your pregnancy test: 2 lines...


But what next??

Try to repeat your pregnancy test every second day for 7 days and if your 2 lines are still full power then you can make an appointment with your gynaecologist.

Don't overcome to your hormones by eating non-healthy food and having sugar cravings. Be aware that all that you eat will go towards the development of your baby.

The first weeks of pregnancy are the most important as the foetal heart, the life engine, is in development, so keep eating a well balanced diet, do not skip any meals.

Each meal needs to contain healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats.

Supplements are also important during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester to fill every free gap where the minerals and vitamins are missing.

Before buying supplements, make sure that they are right for pregnancy.

Contact your fertility coach to give you the best advice for the supplements that you need. I am here for you

Check your Beauty Products

Go through your cosmetics as well as body care products. Take a look to make sure that they are free of bad toxins, petroleum, paragons, oxybenzone and remove Shellac or semi from your nails.

Hygiene Habits

Take control of handling your food intake by cooking. Use plastic gloves when in contact with raw meat, soft cheese as bacteria and parasites on them pose health risks for your baby.

Listeriosis infection can lead to miscarriage.

Do not eat the following if pregnant:

  • Raw meat, undercooked meat

  • Soft cheese

  • Shell fish

  • Hard boiled eggs that are not boiled long enough to be cooked through

  • Mayonnaise

  • Salami


Exercise regularly. Soft training like prenatal yoga opens muscles and prepares the body for birth.

Women who exercise yoga and pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy have a much easier delivery.

Things to cut out

  • Cut out alcohol completely as it leads to risk of miscarriage.

  • Cut down on caffeine - 200mg / day (tea, coffee, energy drinks).

  • Try to drink natural still water - 2L / day and avoid tap water (chlorine can lead to miscarriage)

  • Stop smoking can lead to serious health problems with your baby like premature baby and low birth weight.

In the first trimester what is the most important is to fight nausea and get a lot of rest, enjoy reading with legs up and enjoy your body.

If you would like professional advice regarding your diet, supplements and general pregnancy information, please contact me at I am here to help you.

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